The partners take off their garments one by one, always staring into each other’s eyes and stroking various parts of their bodies.

Place yourself on the massage bed. Try to locate and feel your partner’s energy with your hands. The tailbone should be in one hand and the shoulder blades in the other. Then, without breaking eye contact, begin massaging your body with calm, soft movements.

If you need oil, take it with one hand while continuing to make movements with your hands with the other.

Assist the man in lying down on his stomach with his head between your knees. Begin massaging the longitudinal muscles with moderate sliding strokes (parallel to the spine).

Each time, the strength of the touch should be increased. Once you’ve reached the coccyx, proceed up and repeat the maneuver 5 times. Then begin massaging your trapezius and shoulder muscles.

You are free to move about. Make use of your hands, palms, and other body parts. Gliding, relaxing, and gentle motions are recommended. According to Tantric philosophy, the major energy force is concentrated in the sacrum and coccyx region.

It is vital to massage the area from the neck to the coccyx in order to open it. Enclose the coccyx area in an imaginary triangle once you’ve arrived at your location. Slide your thumb over it five times.

Change the man’s position so that his legs are between your knees and he is laying on his stomach. Start with your toes and work your way up to your buttocks and then down to your feet.

Perform the manipulation numerous times, and in the end, put your palms together on his tailbone after touching the partner’s hips. Gentle patting, then lowering your hands to your feet and massaging each toe once more.

The act of touching is unrestricted. You can touch your spouse with your stomach, legs, face,, and other body parts in addition to your hands. The smoothness and tenderness of the movements are the most important factors. You can occasionally adjust the pace to relax and massage your companion.

Men’s Tantric Massage Zones

If women have a large number of massage spots, guys have a much simpler scenario.

The groin contains a powerful and trouble-free functional erogenous zone. It’s no surprise because nothing compares to them in terms of sensitivity. There are, nevertheless, a few erogenous zones left.

Of course, they are not as sensitive as men, but specialists propose that women participate in a tantric massage for guys. You can easily perform a tantric massage after watching the video tutorial.

The area linking the back of the head and the neck is tantric zone number two. By the way, this is covered in the tantric massage video instruction for men.

Scratching should be gentle, and hot breath should be delivered in this direction.

The lobes and the area behind the ears are likewise extremely sensitive in tantric zone number three.

We descend to the tantric zone number four – the chest.

The belly is more sensitive than the chest, which is why it is tantric zone number 5. Pay special attention at the bottom of the page.

The feet are the tantric zone after that. They are energetically obstructed for many males. Massage the soles of the feet without tickling them.

In addition, there is a lot of energy blockage in the inner region of the lower leg, the thigh, and the back of the knees.

Tantric zone number seven is the place between the fingers on the hands.

The back tantric zone is the final number 8 tantric zone.

The scapular zone has the strongest response to the masseur’s movements. It is not only possible to influence it with your hands, but also with other parts of your body.

The contact of a man’s back and a woman’s breast is a beneficial and required tantric massage concept.

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