Tantric Massage As A Method Of Discovering Unconditional Love

Tantric massage is what you need if you want to take a fresh look at the world, transform your attitude toward life and others, heal physical and mental anguish, and strengthen relationships with the opposite sex.

Before you can understand tantric massage, you must first understand tantra terminology. Tantra is an esoteric spiritual practice that aims to bring a person’s spiritual and bodily union with the world around him, Nature, and God. Tantric massage is one of the numerous approaches to achieve spiritual and physical balance (tantra massage). Tantra massage is said to have originated in India. The tantric massage was first practiced by Indian yogis, and its origins may be traced back to antiquity.


Tantric massage strives to improve not only the physical condition and health of couples but also their sensuality. Tantra massage’s spiritual core is man and woman’s perfect oneness and sensory and mental harmonization, as well as awareness of ourselves as an inherent part of nature. Tantric massage increases women’s sensuality and feminine beauty while increasing men’s masculinity. The correct functioning of our body’s seven chakras is interrupted by a great quantity of stress and bad emotions. As a result, we are plagued with low spirits, despair, phobias, life failures, and sexual impotence. To obtain inner peace, you must engage all seven chakras and bring your thoughts and feelings into balance.


I’m quite concerned with the atmosphere throughout the session, as it has a significant impact on your relaxation. You’ll find a comfortable and isolated environment with dim lighting, candles, sandalwood and patchouli fragrances, and soothing meditative music to create a sensual and tranquil atmosphere. I provide tantric massage on a soft mat or carpet on the floor, which is then covered with a warm blanket. I always light candles and use an aromatic lamp.


I work the muscles of the body profoundly without creating discomfort by utilizing oil throughout the massage. Aside from that, the aromatic essences I use in the oil help to awaken energy and generate the desired mood, as well as having a healing impact. The massage oil is something I make myself. I achieve this by combining a few drops of essential oils with refined olive oil. Lavender, for example, relaxes, orange brings joy and a good mood, and jasmine, patchouli, and sandalwood arouse sensuality. Some essential oils have a warming effect while others have a cooling effect on the skin. I enjoy experimenting with new ideas and creating my own compositions.

Many people wrongly believe that tantric massage is a sensual massage, while it is actually utilized for both love games and healing. This massage has no hard laws or canons; nonetheless, considerable improvisation is permitted during its execution, and the movements during the massage can be arbitrary. Only the presence of complete trust and sympathy between a man and a woman will be required. Hand touches are actively mixed with stroking with a fan, feathers, soft down mittens, silk fabric. Tactile sensations are of particular importance in massage, thus hand touches are actively coupled with stroking with a fan, feathers, soft down mittens, silk fabric. Massage helps you to sense your partner’s breath and heartbeat, as well as impart a portion of their energy through sensual touch. Tantric massage is appropriately referred to as the “art of giving love”!

What Do You End Up With?

You will experience deep relaxation, the release of muscle and mental tension, psychological barriers and clamps in the body, the release of happy hormones, the strengthening of sexual energy, and a lasting increase in mood and zest for life after a massage session. Massage will aid in the activation of the body’s natural defenses, easing mental distress and providing a sense of joy, emancipation, purification, and love.

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