Tantra is the Sanskrit word for “expansion” and “freedom.” The goal of this Vedic tradition is to achieve spiritual development and freedom from fear and trauma. This can be accomplished through Buddhist meditation and yoga.


I encourage self-examination during the tantric massage. This necessitates both of us being vulnerable and accessible to others. You delve into your emotions, desires, and feelings. You will feel more spacious and sensual as a result of your breathing and light touch. You note how it occurs to you in real life: for example, you are both happy and sad at the same moment, and you are full of living energy.

Tantra In Its Various Forms

Tantras are divided into three categories: those that focus on the flow of energy, those that focus on oneself (chakras), and those that focus on contact (energy circles). Sensuality (touching body to body) or intimacy (touching body to body) (stimulating your senses or ritual). You can also use tantra to expand your sexuality and release emotional blocks.

Tantric Gestures

Western tantra comes in a variety of forms and interpretations, the majority of which are based on old Hindu teachings.

Meditation, spiritual connection, and personal development are all important aspects of white tantra.

Kanye Tantra is a Buddhist style of tantra that includes a variety of physical postures.

Discovering your dark side, subconscious thoughts, and passions is the goal of Black Tantra.

I frequently practice Red Tantra, which focuses on the production of sexual energy. In the fullest meaning of the word, he is defined by passion and sensuality.

Massage techniques are used in the so-called left-hand tantra to relieve blockages and your life energy, including sexual energy. You are not restricted by what is socially acceptable in this movement, and you are freer to experiment.

Most Western tantra practices are based on parachute dancing, a type of left-hand tantra. It was created by Margo Anand, who has conducted extensive research on ancient tantric forms and applied them to the needs of modern culture in India, among other places.

Gay Tantra is a type of tantra created by Armin Heining specifically for guys to experience proximity and energy flow. The premise is that each of us possesses both masculine and feminine energies.

The Een Goddess Ritual was created for ladies, with a soft touch, delicately scented oil, and energy generation in the pelvic area, accentuating the sensuality of your senses.

You’ve Never Done Tantra Before?

If you’ve never had tantra before, I normally start with a sensual tantric massage. This is a straightforward Tantric massage that focuses on sensuality or bodily sensations. Sexual energy takes up less room in this massage, and we also work less with breathing, focusing instead on body sensations. If we grow more familiar with tantra and each other, we can advance one step farther with the following technique.

The Next Step Is…

Do you have a basic understanding of tantra and wish to learn more? Then I lead a ritual in which we connect, feel, release sexual energy, and explore sensuality and passion. Through bodywork, breath, touch, and body-to-body communication, I invite you to surrender and transform.

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