Implementation Methodology: London Tantric Massage

When it comes to tantric massage, it’s important to remember that there’s no set sequence of motions because all movements, their intensity, and effort are simply the result of the movements of your soul of the heart. In this situation, you can touch any area of your body since each one can become an erogenous zone, which is a zone where sexual energy is exchanged by touch.

You can touch your feet, ears, and hands practically everywhere on your body.

Oils and incense are used to perform massage movements. The massage is performed to Indian Kama Sutra music, natural sounds, and hypnotic compositions (depending on the desired effect – tonic, health-improving, harmonizing, relaxing).

They learn the following in the classroom:

  • Feel your own energy and pass it on to your partner.
  • Fill your partner with joy by following the passage of energy with your body.

Tantric respiration (studying the breathing of yogis, researchers found that if people, communicating, breathe the same way, they have mutual understanding, and they are pleased with each other),

Plunge into a condition of peace and dissolution, total relaxation, and internal conversation tranquility.

Tantric massage, when done correctly, not only promotes health but also provides a great deal of pleasure!

Tantra teaches that one can only get through an offering. As a result, to please your loved one, learn to love not only to get but also to offer. Only in this way will you achieve the ultimate harmony, melting in which you will experience all of the tantric massage’s pleasures. Remember that any guidelines you’ve learned from other massages don’t apply here! There is no hard-and-fast foundation for your actions, despite the different strategies presented in the literature.

The most important thing is sensuality, and you act as one half of a whole, allowing you to dream as your heart desires!

You can transcend the disharmony of the body, mind, and soul by mastering the secrets of tantric touch. Strong sexual energy emerges, which can be turned into any other type of energy, such as creativity. Simultaneously, a person in close proximity’s sensitivity rises to a qualitatively new level, allowing you to see yourself, the world, and your partner in a new light. It promotes inner unification and, as a result, healing on both a physical and psychological level.

There is a tremendous amount of energy filling, as well as a link to universal currents. It appears to be a massage on the surface, but it is actually a type of workout, practice, and method of working with human energy, as well as his inner vitality.

Massage has the ability to widen perception and unblock the sensory system of a “civilized” person.

In our daily lives, we tend to focus on the visual and auditory channels of experience, leaving the subtle feelings of the body underused and blocked for the most part. Tantric massage draws your attention to the entire universe of body sensations while providing a great deal of pleasure. Tantric massage encourages the activation of “dormant” erogenous zones and the release of the most powerful sexual energy held in the subconscious.

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