Tantric massage may be a way for you to express your love. What is important is how you both feel, not what you massage!

How Do You Perform Tantric Massage? The Delicacy Of Execution!

1st step

Remove any unneeded items from the massage area and lay a big blanket on the floor to serve as a massage bed. Candles and incense should be lit (Indian or Tibetan).

Pay care to the odors you choose; the heavy and too sweet aromas of rose or musk are unlikely to appeal to the adored man. Instead, choose cedar or sandalwood for their woody fragrances.

2nd Step

Tantric massage has always been done with oils. Check that the aroma of the oil matches that of the incense you’ve chosen.

3rd step

Request that your spouse relaxes totally and yield to the sensations elicited by your touch. The therapist must also relax; his movements should be flowing and smooth, like water, and his palms gentle and warm.

This condition can be attained by the use of yoga and the tantra2 method called pranayama, which involves watching one’s own breathing. Concentrate by closing your eyes and focusing on them. Simply feel each inhalation and expiration, pay attention to your breathing for a few moments, and then begin massaging.

4th step

The posture in which novice massage therapists massage is a common mistake. Because the massage should be performed on the floor, it’s a good idea to practise sitting in various positions beforehand. It’s crucial to know how to massage in the most comfortable position without producing stress in the body.

Keep an eye on your posture: it’s best to keep your back straight at all times.

5th step

Even if you have lived with for 20 years, you must “get to know” your partner’s body with the first contact.

The tantric massage begins with a partner’s attunement:

1. With your legs bent, sit to the side of your partner and place your palms across his back, one on the sacrum and the other between the shoulder blades.

2. Put your hands over your eyes and feel it. To sense the lack of a border between your bodies, slowly “fall” into it with your palms.

3. Then, with one hand on the partner’s back, massage his back and legs with the other massage oil.

6th step

The tantric massage follows two key rules: it should be slow and viscous. All touches should be slow, thick, and intensely focused. Imagine having soft, compassionate cat’s paws instead of hands.

7th step

Sit so that your knees are on each side of your partner’s head and you can reach the sacrum with your hands. Place both palms on the muscles along your spine and slowly slide forward, gradually shifting your weight to your hands.

Once you’ve reached the sacrum, spread your arms to the sides and slowly pull them back up to the sides with the help of your back muscles. Spread your palms in the area of the shoulders, grip your partner’s shoulders with them, and tightly walk over the trapezius muscles with your fingertips. Rep the moves numerous times before returning to the beginning position.

8th step

Unrealized sexual energy is kept in the sacrum, according to tantra, where “kundalini” sleeps. Begin by working from the top, starting with the muscles that run up the spine in the neck. Using your body weight, massage the muscles in a circular motion down the spine with the pads of your thumbs.

Circumambulate to the sacrum, one circle at a time. Draw a triangle in your mind when you get there. Massage the triangle with your thumbs. Then move to your buttocks’ center.

Monitor your partner’s reaction; if he appears to be uncomfortable, adjust the kind of direction of the movements.

9th step

Place your palms on your ankles and start stroking up your leg slowly and steadily. After reaching the pelvis, carefully stretch your palms to the sides and return along the lateral surfaces of the leg, stroking them tightly. Don’t overwork your arms, and lean on your back for support. Keep your weight on your toes and ankles.

10th step

Finish the massage with gentle “feather” erratic strokes with your fingertips all over the body. Feel your hands and your partner, and the massage will be fantastic!

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